About Service

If you are looking for a way to get a basic website running so that you can effectively maintain meeting data (online, printed, meeting guide, etc.), you have come to the right place!

Recovery Source started as an effort to provide simple websites solutions for 12-Step groups, with a focus on the accessibility of meeting information. After some time, it became evident that the target audience needed additional support.

Sober Page aims to provide a basic framework that enables increased outreach. The services listed on this page are provided by this domain.

Domain Name

The primary purpose of Sober Page is to provide a domain name for 12-Step groups so that they can have an easily accessible website using a standardized URL pattern (ex. aa0-1.sobriety.support).

Potential uses:

  • Redirect from a standardized location to your existing domain
  • Work on a website rebuild before “going live” with a new site
  • Use it as your own website address (ideal with static sites)
  • Use sober.page as a “short url” service

Short URL

All sobersupport.group URLs are also available via sober.page. This serves as a convenient “Short URL” which should be easier for both memory and document spacing.

Example: https://aaX.sober.page/meetings redirects to https://aaX.sobersupport.group/meetings

Email Forward

Email forwarding is currently out of scope but may be considered in the future.

Pricing / Agreement

This project is designed for 12-Step programs who are struggling to reach those who are still struggling. We provide basic “website manager” services so that your group can focus on sharing your presence (meeting information).

This project follows the AA 7th Tradition and does not accept outside donations, nor does it accept financial compensation for the services provided. We will work with any 12-Step group which is committed to maintaining their own meeting information.


Documentation is available at https://docs.recoverysource.net/soberpage/about.

Feel free to join the discord group with any additional questions or support requests.